Hi my name is Eston Swaby, my mission is to partner with you to believe that you are already enough and know your worth so you can share your message faster, make more money doing what you love,  and change the world.

It was not long ago when I finally decided to take the leap to start my own business as a Coach and Speaker, I felt as if I was an impostor, as if I wasn’t good enough to be doing what I wanted to do and get the results they wanted.

But one of the biggest thing is that I was afraid to show up online because of the negative stories I was telling myself, I was afraid to put myself out there, afraid of judgment, afraid  that people will discover that I am not good enough, afraid of failure, just simple afraid.

When I got on a sales call with a prospect, I messed up over and over on the sales call, and sometimes just as I was about to tell them my price, I would lower it quickly, sometimes up to 70% off. One time I was charging clients $5 just to work with me.

I realized I didn’t have a business problem why I wasn’t having the success I wanted, I had a mindset problem and so I started investing in coaches and doing the inner work so I could free myself from the chains that was holding me back from having the impact I wanted to have and positioning myself to making money in my business.

Today, my success stories include coaches who changed their relationship with money to be able to owning their worth and growing their business, to entrepreneurs to broke through mental blocks and change their stories, stuff that they went through in their teenage years that are affecting their career and personal life. Helping aspiring and new entrepreneurs and coaches to get out of their own way and show up powerfully.

Motivational Speaker, Mindset Coach, Success Engineer, Author
God, Speaking, Teaching, Writing, Travel, KFC (Barbecue Chicken), Watching movies, Relationships, Business
Top 3 Values:
Freedom, Impact, Family

Eston first book

An Empowered Life: A Daily Dose of Inspirational Messages for Self-Development and Transformation

Life will knock you down, and at times punch you in the face while you are down. But it is not about how many times you got knocked down, it is about how many times you can get back up and keep going regardless of what you have been through.

Eston Swaby wrote An Empowered Life base on HIS LIFE EXPERIENCES and how he was able to overcome the different challenges he faced. An Empowered Life is written in a daily reading format with 51 days lessons. This way, you can read one chapter each day. Each chapter will take you about 5 mins to read.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • How to deal with negative people in your life
  • How to get back up when life knocks you down
  • How to feel the fear, but do it anyway
  • How to deal with setbacks and the different obstacles you face
  • Understand your pain, and how to use it to grow
  • How to find your purpose
  • How to develop high self-esteem and understand your self-worth
  • And much more………..

You will wake up everyday feeling empowered and ready to take on any challenges you might face throughout the day.


Adrian McCallum,

One the most frustrating feeling sometimes is having the biggest dreams and feel like you’re stuck and just not sure how you’re going to fulfill your dreams…..Eston was the extra push from that rut to making my dreams a reality….. he would give me some great advice as to how to move forward.

I was struggling with feeling confident and deserving to make the type of money that really set my soul on fire in my business….This program truly gave me the courage to continue pursuing my goals regardless of any setbacks.

Kisha Palmer,

Eston passionately propelled me to pursue my dreams of..coaching girls to realize their identity and purpose in life. His techniques unearthed good ideas so that i could easily visualize what my website and business would entail. He was encouraging and genuinely wanted to know me so he could advice me. Highly recommended.